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General Information

Meeting languageThe complete scientific programme including all courses will be held in English. A simultaneous translation will not be available.
Coffee breaks & Snack lunches

Snacks and refreshments during the official break times are included in the registration fee.

Name Badge / Tickets
Upon registration onsite all participants will receive a name badge, which must be worn visibly for the entire duration of the congress. Your name badge acts as your entrance ticket for the congress. Name badges will not be reprinted. For lost badges a fee of 25% of the original registration fee applies.
Access to the congress / industry exhibitionDue to compliance regulations all non-registered persons (family members, accompanying persons) are not allowed to access neither the congress nor the industry exhibition.
Programme changesShould last minute changes due to functional, private or organisational needs be necessary, all changes will be announced – when possible – on the congress website and the congress app. The event organiser accepts no liability for any additional costs caused by a change of programme.
DisclaimerNeither the organiser nor EUROKONGRESS GmbH shall be liable for accidents, bodily injury, theft as well as for additional costs due to the change of event date, location, programme or similar. Liability for additional costs due to delays, changes or cancellations of flights, trains or other means of transport as well as due to strike action, illness, weather or environmental disasters is also excluded. It is the responsibility of each participant to arrange appropriate theft-, accident-, health as well as travel cancellation insurance. Participants as well as accompanying persons take part at their own responsibility and risk.
Visa InformationTo verify if you need a visa to enter Austria or if you are exempted from the visa requirements, we recommend you to consult the website of the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs.
If you need a visa in order to enter Austria, it is recommended that you lodge your application for visa as early as possible. You can read more about the general conditions on how to apply on the website of the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs.