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Austria Center Vienna
Bruno-Kreisky-Platz 1
1220 Vienna
Homepage - Austria Center Vienna

The Austria Center Vienna is Austria’s largest conference centre. With 24 halls, 180 offices and meeting rooms, and some 26,000 square metres of exhibition and networking space it is one of the top players in the international conference circuit.



Vienna is among Europe’s fastest-growing cities, and with more than 1.9 million inhabitants it is the second-biggest city in the German-speaking world. In 2019 the city was named the world’s most livable city for the tenth time in a row by Mercer.

Vienna owes its universal appeal to the way it excitingly combines imperial nostalgia with a highly creative cultural scene, responsibly cultivating a precious heritage and charming traditions whilst taking on board the latest trends. Architecture dating from imperial times has left an indelible mark on the city.

Some important information summarized:

Currency The official currency of Austria is the euro (€). One euro is divided into 100 cents.
Time Zone

Vienna is in the Central European time zone (CET = GMT / UCT + 1). Daylight saving time applies from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October (CEST).


The typical mains voltage for households (as well as hotels) in Vienna is 230 volts (alternating current)

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